La visita di Hassan Rohani all’Assemblea Generale delle Nazioni Unite

La visita di Hassan Rohani all’Assemblea Generale delle Nazioni Unite

Il Presidente dell’Iran si recherà in questi giorni a New York. E’ una visita dai risvolti interessanti, senza dubbio, soprattutto in questo momento di grande lotta all’interno del mondo musulmano, dove strane alleanze di stanno contraendo. Di fatto il cinismo è parte integrante della politica internazionale e lo è stato in tutti i tempi: le alleanze si stringono in base agli interessi dei contraenti, anche se per obiettivi differenti da conseguire, ma che possono coincidere in un dato momento. Quando poi i risultati voluti sono stati raggiunti, le alleanze si possono anche capovolgere se ne viene un tornaconto.

Questo Osservatorio Analitico ha ricevuto dall’ Iranian Democracy Front un interessante comunicato stampa (che riporterà di seguito in versione inglese), sottoscritto da numerose associazioni iraniane che combattono per la libertà,  e trova interessanti alcuni paragrafi, in particolare ove si scrive che “alcuni comportamenti errati delle grandi potenze hanno portato ad un potenziamento del potere internazionale della repubblica islamica iraniana e al sorgere del fanatismo nel Medio Oriente’…una riflessione critica da non sottovalutare.

Lo propone ai suoi lettori come momento di riflessione storica, nella libertà di informazione,  indipendentemente dalle valutazioni espresse nei confronti del presidente Rohani, che si possono condividere o contestare.

imagesHassan Rohani attends the UN General Assembly to spread regime’s propaganda September 2014 After a rigged theatrical election in 2013, Hassan Rohani, who has been involved in numerous mass murders and imprisonment of many innocent Iranians in his past positions as the head of the government security agency, was announced as president. In September 2013 he attended the UN general assembly to falsify his own and the regime’s history of copious human rights violations. It is expected that he also attends UN general assembly this year and uses the opportunity for photo-ops and propaganda on Islamic republic legitimacy with the help of mass media. He and other criminal and corrupt leaders and cronies of the regime would have been behind bars if living in any democratic country for the atrocities they have committed. To continue the regime’s subsistence that allows its leaders plunder Iran’s national wealth, they do not mind to involve Iran and the Middle East in a big war. To this end they have constantly created an atmosphere of terror and war in Iran and the region, as they have practiced in the past thirty six years by their terrorism and through the Quds forces interference in other countries, such as Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan, to mention a few. The war atmosphere that the Islamic republic created in the Middle East led to the military investments of other dictator governments in the region, which constantly repress their own people, in order to secure their own survival by promoting religious and ethnic wars and horrendous mass murders of innocent people all over the area. It is noticeable that the methods used in the past thirty six years by Islamic republic have been copied step by step by all terrorist organizations in the area, past or present. These methods are for obtaining power, controlling the public by brutal means and mass murder (Khomeini mass murdered many prisoners in one day), catchphrases against the West and Western culture, reviving and forcing pre-Middle Ages laws in the area of their control, confiscation of the wealth and belonging of the people based on their religion or beliefs, hostage taking of diplomats and reporters in order to be in the news and create an international terror atmosphere. Unfortunately the erroneous political and military policies of big powers in the past and present have been the main and primary motivation and cause for the empowerment of Islamic republic and the rise of fanaticism in the Middle East. At this stage the free world has only one solution and that is to take advantage of the enduring power of the Iranian people to eliminate the Islamic republic and establish a long lasting democracy in Iran. Failure to do so will upsurge further empowerment of the evil forces in Iran and Middle East to a point of no return and a serious strategic danger for the free world. Conversely selecting this solution will fulfill both Iranians’ as well as the free world’s short-term and sustainable long-term interests, helps the overall international peace, generates tremendous savings for the free world by eliminating the need to combat against state-sponsored global terrorism and removes a problematic obstacle to the establishment of a lasting peace between Arabs and Israel. Sooner rather than later the people of Iran, with or without the free world’s support, will topple the illegitimate and anti-human Islamic regime. Throughout several thousand years’ history, Iran has had many ups and downs. Each time Iran has survived and risen again. This time too, the people of Iran will endure and champion human dignity and honesty in a country where Cyrus the Great founded the first Charter of Human Rights. It should be emphasized that IDF is not seeking financial support from any government. Indeed the best support the free world can provide is to refrain from supporting the Islamic republic. We strongly believe that the people of Iran will succeed in establishing a democratic government. IDF has a road map for creating such a movement.

Iranian Democracy Front (IDF) is an association composed of Iranian pro-democracy political groups and organizations with diverse political beliefs, with a common goal of removing the despotic Islamic republic and establishing a democratic government in Iran based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Member organizations of IDF in alphabetical order: Action for Iran’s Freedom, Alliance for Democracy in Iran, Alliance of Iranian Women, Association of Wisdom and Tradition of Iran, Democrat Party of People of Iran, European Centre for Zoroastrian Studies, Guardians of Iranian Territorial Integrity, Iranian Cultural Society, Iranian Secular-Democrat Organization, Iranian Society for Freedom Peace and Justice, Iran Society in Dallas, Iranian Solidarity Congress, Iranian Unity and Solidarity Council, IRANPAD Organization – Arizona, IRANPAD Organization – Dallas, IRANPAD Organization – Houston, IRANPAD Organization – Los Angeles, IRANPAD Organization – North Texas, Kanoon Kherad, Movement to Support Freedom in Iran, Organization of Balouch Constitutional Monarchists, Organization of Iranian Solidarity, Organization of Young Iranian Constitutional Monarchists, National Front-Abroad, Pan Iranist Party-Abroad, Payam Organization, Radio Azadegan, Sarbaz Organization, Society of Persian Women, Supporters of Democracy Movement in Iran, Tribe Alliance of Iran, Tribe Solidarity of Iran, United Persian Organization.

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